Government Notices

The following documents are in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF’s. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, please click here to download the free Adobe Reader.

  • Letter from Olympus Insurance regarding Waiver of all Subrogation Rights , dated 09/30/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Letter from Florida Family Insurance regarding Waiver of all Subrogation Rights , dated 09/16/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Letter from Department of Treasury regarding Tax Treatment for Gifted Payments , dated 09/15/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Letter from Town of Surfside to the Receiver regarding Land Swap of Champlain Towers South Property for Surfside Community Center Property located at 9301 Collins Avenue , dated 09/10/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Governor Ron DeSantis issues extension of Executive Order 21-160 regarding suspension of property tax payment obligations for Champlain Towers South taxpayers , dated 09/07/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Senators’ Letter to IRS Commissioner Regarding Tax Treatment of Surfside Donations , dated 09/01/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Letter from the United States Environmental Protection Agency regarding decontamination of personal effects, etc. [Note: It is the Receiver’s understanding that Miami-Dade County is currently undertaking the process of decontaminating hard goods (i.e. goods that don’t contain fabric) and will notify survivors and victims’ families when it has been completed.] , dated 08/20/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Notice From The Florida Department of Financial Services Regarding Unclaimed Property , dated 07/25/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Letter from Mayor Dan Gelber, City of Miami Beach, to The Honorable Judge Michael A. Hanzman regarding potential site for Surfside memorial , dated 07/16/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Letter from Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida to the Families of the Surfside Tragedy, July 13, 2021 , dated 07/13/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 21-160 , dated 07/09/2021 DOWNLOAD
  • Florida Department of Financial Services, Chief Financial Officer Directive 2021-05 , dated 07/03/2021 DOWNLOAD