Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Judge that is overseeing all of the lawsuits related to the collapse of the Champlain Towers South?

The Honorable Michael A. Hanzman is overseeing all of the lawsuits related to the collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condominium.  Judge Hanzman is also overseeing the receivership established to administer the pool of assets that will eventually be distributed to the victims. To that end, Judge Hanzman will ultimately approve a plan of distribution with respect to the pool of assets. 

What is a Receiver?

The Receiver is the individual who assumes responsibility for all assets of the Association going forward. He is responsible for taking possession of the Association’s property and assets, administering those assets as instructed by the Court, instituting such actions and legal proceedings for the benefit and on behalf of the Association and other creditors as the Receiver deems necessary, and other related tasks. Ultimately, the Court will determine the amounts owed to victims and creditors and the Receiver will distribute available assets in accordance with a plan approved by the Court. A receiver is an officer of the Court and ultimately answers to the Court. In this case, Michael I. Goldberg, Esq., is the Court-appointed Receiver for the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association, Inc.

How can I stay informed of the progress in this case?

The Receiver will post new information on this website from time to time, including Court Documents, Receiver’s Letters and Reports, and FAQ’s

If I have other questions, how can I get them answered?

You can contact the Receiver at (954) 331-4190 or

Should I hire a lawyer?

You certainly have the right to hire or consult with your own lawyer, and the Receiver encourages you to speak with your own lawyer should you feel more comfortable. The Receiver will be investigating all potential claims and working with class counsel and others in order to maximize the pool of assets that will be available for distribution to all victims. Regardless of whether or not you have a lawyer, the Court will authorize a distribution plan that treats all similarly situated creditors the same.

Is the Receiver my lawyer?

The Receiver is not your lawyer, and he cannot provide you with legal advice. He is the Court’s agent, and he is effectuating the provisions of the Court’s orders. The Receiver will, however, be investigating potential claims or methods of recovery that he can bring for the benefit of victims.

I was displaced and am in need of financial assistance to relocate. Can the Receiver help?

The Court has authorized temporary assistance payments of up to $10,000 per family for families that have been displaced and are in financial need. If you have not received information on how to request this assistance, you can download the form here

My loved one perished in the collapse of June 24, 2021. Can the Receiver assist with end of life expenses?

The Court has authorized end of life assistance payments of $2,000 per decedent. If you have not received information on how to request this assistance, you can download the form here

I paid a special assessment to the Association before the collapse of June 24, 2021. Can I get that money back?

A motion has been filed with the Court requesting authorization to refund the special assessment amount paid by Unit Owners. The Receiver expects that the Court will rule upon that motion during the week of July 12, 2021. The Receiver is hopeful that the Court will grant this motion and authorize the return of those special assessment monies. If granted, the Receiver will expeditiously contact you to obtain additional information to process those payments.

Will I be required to make my property tax payment?

On July 9, 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 21-160 which indefinitely suspends the statutes, and their associated deadlines or requirements, for payment of property taxes for all taxpayers whose property was destroyed or rendered uninhabitable during the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida. Additionally, Executive Order 21-160 requests that the Florida Legislature explore additional legislative acts as may be necessary to alleviate the taxpayers’ property tax obligations.  A copy of Governor Ron DeSantis’ Executive Order 21-160 can be found here

When will money be distributed to victims?

It is impossible at this early stage to tell you when funds will specifically be distributed to victims or their estates. However, the Receiver assures you that he and all of the other professionals working on this matter will tirelessly work to obtain the answers and recompense the victims deserve.

How long does the receivership process take?

At this early stage of the proceedings, we cannot predict how long it will take to complete this process.